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Plastek India is a Manufacturer & Supplier of Mould Base Accessories (like Ejector Pins) and Die Set Components (like Ball Cages) to leading companies and manufacturers of Automobiles, White Goods, Medical and Engineering products.

Plastek India was established in the year 2006 with strong Engineering Skills and Management Background. Professionals having experience worth over 20 years in Moulding Processes like Injection Moulding of plastic parts form our driving force.

Our focus is on total customer satisfaction by providing them with High Quality products and services along with our Manufacturer's Guarantee.

All of our products are readily available and are usually delivered in 24 hours to all parts of India.

Please browse our entire product catalog of mould base accessories and die-set components to choose your desired product and contact us.

Plastek India now also manufactures Mould Bases, used for making injection moulded plastic components in injection moulding machines. A mould base is an assembly of top plate, bottom plate, cavity plate, core plate, core back plate, spacers, guide pillar-bushes, ejector guide pillar-bushes, return pins, with allen bolts of unbreko make. The material used are En-31, C-45, P-20 and Mild Steels.

Picture of Mould Base
A Mould Base
Unbeatable Quality & Unbelievable Prices on Mould Base Accessories and Die Set Components
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